Project BatCave S2 Day 11 – Updated every 4 hours

4th Update

8:45 PM
I’ve been experimenting with the Apple Clips App. Tried all the formats on my blog: Video, Audio, Links, Quotes. It’s so fun I can do this all day!!!

3rd Update

I have decided to push Uber Days back to May 15th. Put in the necessary work for Author Manual and Platform. Get things running. Learn as much as I can. Work as much as I can. By the time Uber Hits, it is just going to be content generation. Content marketing if you will.
Need to make time for sleep. But I only slept 4 hours last night and I am super super awake.
Tomorrow is going to be Event Day. Just take the day off tomorrow. Or not!!!
Work during time other than event and shopping.
Need to buy 3 Wick candles from Bath and Body Works sale. Buy 6. No 8. No. Ok 6. Ricky, Chris, Mom and I. I have 3 candles. How awesome is that!?!?
I am now on my way home from the office. I have a lot of work to do. Probably going to KO soon after I take my meds.
Blessed be God forever.

2nd Update

3:37 PM
I am using the Twitter format to update this BatCave Work Log.


My face has grown increasingly bloated. That is not good. Especially when it comes down to taking video.

That’s it. 1 month diet. At least diet till Club Med on the 25th of April.

1st Update
8:12 AM

Reason why I didn’t want to go to office in the first place is because I thought I’d not be sleeping. But since I did, I’ll be going after lunch at 11:50AM.

Going to the gym before.

The plan now is to finish up all the work before Club Med. Then I can drive Uber in May with the following time allocation.

8 hours rest

12 hours Uber

4 hours Regus/Work at Home

Have this work time allocation until June. Then change it to this

8 hours rest

8 hours Uber

8 hours Regus/Work at Home

8:47 AM

I am going to start work at 9AM. Here are the things I have to work on today:


Author Manual

Author Platform


9:20 AM

I’ve decided to do Uber anyway. Need to money.

8 hours Uber

8 hours Rest

8 hours Work


5AM – 9AM Uber

9AM – 5PM Regus

5PM – 9PM Uber

9PM – 5AM Rest/Gym/Play/TV/Sleep


Start work at 1PM to 6PM

Work on websites 1

Work on blog 2

Work on ShortBoook 2

7PM to 10PM

Website 1

Read 2

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