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Secret Labs Log #1
My Blog, Work Log

Secret Labs Log #1

Updated 4:00 PM

  1. Worked on Scribophile
  2. Took classes on Writer’s Village University
  3. Drove 10 trips in 4 hours
  4. Threw rubbish
  5. Learnt new English words
  6. Changed the diapers. My diapers.
  7. Bought food.
  8. Updated iMac 
  9. Updated Apple Watch #1 – FiFi WatchOS 3.2.2
  10. Updated Apple Watch #20 – KiKi Watch OS 3.2.2
  11. Updated iPad 01iOS 10.3.2
  12. Updated iPad 02 iOS 10.3.2
  13. Said Morning Prayer
  14. Said Mid Morning Prayer
  15. Said Mid Noon Prayer
  16. Read YouVersion Bible
  17. Watched TVB Classics on Astro
  18. Watched Trump and Pope on CNN a bit
  19. Watched Produce 101 Season 2 on TvN a bit
  20. Wrote Morning Pages
  21. Got Mail
  22. Put TouchNGo Card in Car
  23. Thought about messaging W. No!
  24. Dreaming about Apple iPhone 8.
  25. Never Never Never Give Up.
  26. Ate Breakfast at Donutes
  27. Typed on my FreeWrite 
  28. I have too much time doing this crap but I like it
  29. Lists it is what it is called.
  30. Charged phone.
  31. Charged watch.
  32. Updated blog.
  33. Brushed teeth.
  34. Brushed teeth twice.
  35. Buy me a teeth whitening session please.
  36. Played Nintendo Switch new game. Don’t know game name. Will try to remember next time.
  37. I love everyone.
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  • We were at a bistro eating. Totally loud and noisy. Sausage fest. My brother says people drink. Then they are super talkative.
  • In the airplane everyone started to grab their bags. Mom asked me to grab ours. Flight attendant asked us all to sit down. Light is on.