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Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh – Day One

Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh – Day One

Apple Music radio station of the day: Beats 1

Today is the first day of Uber driving days. Day One.

The highlights of the day will be included within the writeups every day. Today is also the start of a new series of blog posts called “Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh”. Every day there will be a fresh piece of joy and maybe a tad bit of scorn.

My official day job is now Uber Driver.

I drive 7 days a week. 7 hours a day.

Some days I might try to beat my longest driving time. Some days I’ll try to best my earnings. All in the good name of fun.

There will be no names, no private information (if I can even become a spy) and may the best Uber driver in Malaysia please stand up.


I arrived at the pick up point seeing a man. The man said hello and became very polite. I also became as polite as I can be. He spoke to me in Cantonese.

The phone rings.

Hello? Where are you? *giggle*

“I already took a passenger. Sorry.”

It’s ok.

“Weird thing just happened. I picked up a passenger that is you and I got another call from another passenger?”



“So where is To Lo”?

To Lo?

“Yeah. To Lo.”

I have no idea what that is.

“Are you a manager?”

I am a driver (do I look like a manager to you?)

“Seriously. What are you?”

I am driving you no?

“Where is your headquarters?”

“Do you think I have a headquarters? I drive everywhere, I have no headquarters.”

Are you MichaeL?

“Me? No.”

I think you got the wrong person.

“You are going to Puchong no?”


Are you this person? shows name of passenger



I raced back to the spot and the young lady was standing right there waiting for me. She didn’t cancel on the ride. So all the way, it was as if she was in the car.

I just hope there was no extra charge for the wrong passenger!!


A trainer from Australia who is Filipino is here training some kind of workers for 4 weeks every single day, 7 days a week, from morning till night. The company is closing down operations in Australia and moving to Malaysia. *YESSS! Malaysia Boleh!*. He went drinking and next thing he knows, he has a cough and cold. He will be touring Genting, Penang for a week before heading home to Australia.

A wonderful man who has a daughter that plays DOTA.

Writer Instagram Friend

A young copywriter lady and also published author became Instagram friends with me. We exchanged Instagram usernames. We were discussing about how we can’t survive just by getting books published. But we will work hard. *I will work hard!!*

Waze took us on a detour and I apologised profusely.

We got to work on time!

Permanent Driver

A pretty lady asked me if I can be her permanent driver every day. Melts. I said I will be in the area at this time and see if I can pick her up.

No pick up lines please. Thank you.


Distraught Auntie

An Auntie works from crazy morning to midnight. The husband was not able to send her to the LRT today. She was such a lovely person to talk to. I was able provide her a ride today and I felt that she really needs the ride for all the hard work she does!


It was a beautiful day one. Figured how to operate my navigation system, music and figured when to listen to audiobooks (during lonely jam time). Figured my breaks.

Day One was just awesome!

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