Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh 2 Ruler Day

Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Station on today.

Today I woke up and thought this day would be a long day. Not to say I might earn little. But it ended up being the most rewarding day ever!

On this day, I found out a lot of stuff. Firstly, if you speed over the limit, you will hear a ‘ding’ sound. It is the same sound as that of getting a ride request. I also found out how to approach girls. But that will be in the Secret Diaries or when someone pays me for Uber tips. Just kidding. What you think I am kidding is up to you.


The very first customer was the customer of the day. She was going to the high court. Being busybody me, I pressed for an answer. She didn’t answer.

I kept pressing and pressing.

I said high court is a very serious case.

Are you in trouble? Like serious trouble??? Yes, this I did ask.

But I no busybody. I don’t know why she is going there, but I had the best chat ever.

Since it was a long long trip, there was a lot of time to talk. I learned a lot of things from this auntie. These trips are the best.

The ‘ding’ sound for ride requests kept happening.

I kept checking, but there are no rides. I was worried.

Did my app hang?

Did it give me problems?

I can’t hang up just like that. I can’t reset the app. I have a customer. I was in panic mode. But the auntie’s conversations kept my mind busy.

After this, I didn’t know why the app this trip was making sounds.

Medicine Lady

I send an auntie to a Pharmaceutical company office.

Significant discovery!


She was late to get picked up.

And there was a timer that started. I was worried.

The reason is that I didn’t know what will happen after the timer goes to zero!!!

The timer starts when the app notifies the passenger that the driver has arrived. I didn’t know what to do. It was counting down to 1 minute. I sat there in suspense looking at the timer. 3 2 1. OMG! What is going to happen next?

I can charge a fee for the cancellation. Driver cancellation makes sense now. Sometimes, you might be charged if you cancel. This is the reason. The app has sent the passenger a notification that the driver has arrived. So at this point, the driver can cancel on the passenger with a fee.

Can be abused…

That is medicine lady who helped me discover this breakthrough for the discovery of the unknown.

2 Pretty Gals

Today, 2 Pretty Gals were picked up.

One was going to a high-class place. One from a high-class place.

One was just giving me directions. One was busy with her work.

I CAN TALK TO PRETTY GALS! Just that they were quiet. And I will try to talk next time first. Throw the bait,
if it bites,
I will pull the line. Whatever that means…

There were butterflies flying in my direction to the windscreen. I made the dodging action 3 times. I hope the pretty girl didn’t see me do this. Or hear me say ‘Oh!’ because I found out why the ‘ding’ sound happens when there is NO ONE TO PICK UP! The app didn’t hang!!!



Oh! This was awful!!!

The ruler of a kingdom called. He said he was waiting. How long he asked. 3 minutes. I went to the shopping mall to find what he told me. Aeon. Starbucks.

Hey! Not too hard to spot Starbucks right?

No! I went in and I saw Starbucks.

I called.

Nobody answered.

I was holding a parking ticket and free entry for few minutes was going to expire. I panicked. I left.

I got back in. Still, don’t know where. The man calls. I am Starbucks Taxi Stand.

I go out. Get into the unloading bays area. No taxi stand!

The guy calls again.

I told him I have been making rounds, I have tried looking for him and I cannot find him!!

Somehow. I don’t know how. I found him as I entered the main entrance for the 3rd time with the parking ticket.

I had to move my hands as to use body language to communicate. I didn’t know my Malay was this bad till this guy talked to me. I have no clue what he was talking about when he opened his mouth. I hear the names of the places. That was it.


I panicked this guy is going to give me 1 star.

Yesterday, the girl who waited for me because I picked-up-the-wrong-person must have paid extra was pissed she gave me a very low star count.

This guy is going to give me 1 star! My grade will now fall below 9.8 because of this blunder!

How am I going to live with myself?

How am I going to explain to my mom for such a stupid mistake! Never mind.No.

I panicked. I gave the man more change than needed. He gave me back the ‘bribe’.

It is now 4 PM. I earned double what I earned yesterday, clocking in the same number of hours.


My score didn’t go below 4.89.

Phewwww… More five stars and it will go up again.

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