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Secret Labs File Number 2
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Secret Labs File Number 2

Updated 26 May 2017 4:24 AM

  1. Woke up at 5AM. That’s a good job well done.
  2. Went driving Uber.
  3. Went to gym.
  4. I think gym is good.
  5. Bought nothing.
  6. Went to church
  7. Washed the car. I mean went to wash the car.
  8. Tried to read a book but no time.
  9. Watched some TV for inspiration.
  10. Played Just Dance
  11. Went for training with Zali.
  12. Love Zali.
  13. Typed on FreeWrite.
  14. Did Headspace Meditation.
  15. Hopped over to Subang Parade for lunch.
  16. Found a lot of things but don’t remember what
  17. Prayed.
  18. Helped old people.
  19. Changed diapers. My own for now.
  20. Showered
  21. Bathed
  22. It’s this work?
  23. Of course it is, it is hard work.
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  • We were at a bistro eating. Totally loud and noisy. Sausage fest. My brother says people drink. Then they are super talkative.
  • In the airplane everyone started to grab their bags. Mom asked me to grab ours. Flight attendant asked us all to sit down. Light is on.