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Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh Day 3

Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh Day 3

Today is my 3rd-day driving, and the fun never ceases to exist. My system hung on me. A super kind girl. 2 Myanmar guys. Starbucks 5 shot girl.

All in a day’s work as a Uber driver.


My panic mode is every often too happening. When I saw the whole Girl’s Generation TTS team in a car, where Taeyeon was driving, I panicked. How can they be so calm?!?! Everybody in the front seats is so so calm, you can’t even tell who was driving! The question is why did I panic when I saw this? I do not understand.


Today I had to send a student to campus. The speed limit is like 30 km/h. It was just crawling. Life just seemed to come to a standstill, I panicked. Patience is a virtue. Panic is not. I can change. Then I thought, with this mode, I can use the phone to do stuff. That’s when I can change whatever I need to change on my Uber driver app. Neat~!

Offline! I can’t get back in!

Mayday! I can’t get my offline back online. It is as if I was kicked out. It happened when I was getting lots of cancellations from the passengers. My system went offline. Then I was shut out.
I wanted to call Uber help hotline. But it only operates at 9 AM -6 PM.
5 minutes later… I got back online.
Driver cancellations are bad. Customer cancellations like this??? Never mind bro.

Natalie with an A

Totally hot chic boarded my car. Mass comm student. American accent. I turned on the radio and Shakira, and Beyonce was on. Beyonce is getting twins, and Shakira has a 3-year-old. “Do you believe that Shakira and Beyonce are moms?”
HUH? Who is that?
I was educated about how to get twins, and we chatted till we got to university. I wished her luck in her presentation today, and she wished me luck with my book.

I noticed she walked past a dog and gave it a pet.

Starbucks 5 Vanilla Shots Please

Today was the first time I drove a customer through Starbucks drive-thru. She ordered a Venti Caramel Macchiato with 5 Vanilla Shots. WHOA! She said her house is 10. I looked to the right, it was 49. But the left is 30 houses apart. Please look left next time. Yes, please.

2 School Kids

I waited as long as 3 songs before 2 kids showed up. The big kid and the small kid. The small kid was like 4. So cute. He was leaning on my armrest. But I guess he is used to it.I drove safely. The big kid was listening to American Idiot by Green Day. It was that loud! 8:45 AM I get to the school. All the gates were closed. The place was almost deserted. Scenario A. Somone was really really late. Scenario B. It is the holiday, and they are just going back to school for something extra. Scenario C This is not a school. Some secret den where kids are trained to look like kids. Doesn’t make sense. I know. I think so too!

Friday IS A SLOW DAY.I hope business picks up during the weekends or next work week.

A Myanmar Guy told me my car is so cool! NO! YOU ARE COOL!
So loving driving. That’s why. I can drive Uber forever.

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