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Secret Labs File Number 3
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Secret Labs File Number 3

Update: 27 May 2017 5:42 AM

  1. Woke up 2:30AM. Didn’t go back to sleep.
  2. Love it.
  3. Went driving Uber.
  4. 5 hours
  5. Loved it too.
  6. Saw Pirates. Best ever!
  7. Went for lunch, breakfast and dinner
  8. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  9. Drank protein shake
  10. Went to gym for training
  11. Met Mr Choot Choot Train
  12. Typed on Freewrite
  13. Said my prayers
  14. Listened to Beats 1
  15. Listened to Spotify
  16. Bathed
  17. Washed up
  18. Told mom about the day
  19. Told mom about my plans
  20. Had company meeting
  21. Learned a lot of things
  22. Found my keys
  23. Thought about B
  24. Told mom I am not going to Korea
  25. Talked to WVU rep 
  26. She was so nice
  27. Got a lot of information about local writing groups.
  28. Got infö tomorrow there is an event
  29. Going there tomorrow.
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