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Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh Day 4

Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh Day 4



It is already 2 p.m. on a Saturday. Today, I only drove 1 hour of Uber. But both were spectacular customers.

I picked up a businessman from his condo where he was hoping to get a ride to the food center for some food. I picked him up. He came in and made himself just at home. Inclined to recline. Adjusted the seat. It was home and I wanted him to feel that way.

He talked about the education system and how technology will be replacing teachers or tuition centers. But not to worry that there may still be people who want attention from teachers. Some people will surely need a teacher to guide them I think. He has a business partner who operates an English language tuition center online. Unlimited English lesson for you children at only USD$4 a month with 300,000 students signed up. Think of how much you will save with just 4 dollars a month for learning English! With rising costs of living, this will surely be something good that one can cut the budget when it is needed.

There are the pros and cons.

The pros are that you can cut down crazy hundred of dollars to single digit numbers. How many subjects do you think Malaysian students take anyway. Way too much. There is also technology that will eventually take over the role of a teacher as a person. People can teach on Skype and other video conferencing apps. It will just get better and better.


A lot of people will be home schooled. There will be no friends for your kids. Good thing is you can choose the friends for your kids. Provided the kids do not hide anything from there parents. Which eventually will surely happen if a bad apple is grown. So I think that maybe there should be some surveillance without any way of finding it or known by the kids. Or have the camera not able to be removed. Yet, if they are smart, will put a still picture in front of the camera. That will work…

There is a Score A program that is online learning for Malaysian students in primary and secondary students. I knew about it and asked how well it is doing?

He said that the business model is wrong. You can’t sell tires and food like you sell education. True that. But there is also one important factor in the whole process. A secret I won’t share till later. No jinxing please.

He was a great customer. He thought he had to pay double. But it was just like RM7 instead of RM14. He thought of doubling my fare. Thanks!

Well.. the air hostess was just OMG and I could have fainted but didn’t. Because of the perfume. OMG.

That’s all for this report.

Thank you for reading.

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