Uber Chronicles of Victor Oh Day 5


Day 5 – Ratings Plummet


Low Rating Due to Bad Navigation

I screwed up big time today. My GPS went haywires and the Malay girl was totally unhappy with my navigation. So there came my first reported problem. Navigation. I know it is this Malay girl. There are days when you cannot do anything to make things better when things go absolutely horribly wrong. But you just got to live with it and just get past it. I had no control over the GPS going haywires. So I just could not do anything to make things better.

Wrong Lane!!!

I went into the wrong lane near the TBS bus station. It was totally pitch black and I went into the opposite. Lucky I am safe!

Game Design student was a joy to talk to. We had a great chat about video games. There was also a hotel sales guy who called me his savior because two drivers turned him down.

Last but not least, there was this Pakistan student. He was so nice , he gave me a can of coffee to keep me awake.

All in a day’s work as a Uber driver.