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BatCave S3 Day 7

BatCave S3 Day 7

I automatically awoke. Mom was also awake. It was just 3AM in the morning. I just slept 3 hours.

I have no clue as to what has gotten into me. Ever since driving Uber 7 days ago, my life has been reenergized with vigor and hopefully virility. I took my morning shake as usual, worked on some admin stuff for daily work.

I headed to the gym at 6:30AM in the morning. The place was already teaming with people. Mostly aunties and uncles with no youth in sight. A few muscular men were working on the machines as I took up my usual spot in front of the mirror. These days, I am working with the Zova and Asana Rebel apps to get my workouts done with Spotify on with my wireless Beats headphones.

Before my workout, I managed to put in my morning pages which is required at the University that I attend at the moment. It is called Writer’s Village University. The University is more like a tuition centre according to Z. They can issue certificates. But they are not recognized enough that if you do a Masters degree with them, you cannot proceed with a PhD. I was told the other day by Cynthia, who works for the Uni. Nevertheless, the syallabus are all based on a full MFA program in a regular university. Yes you cannot get a recognized degree to go to the PhD level. But the knowledge is what is important. How much is the fees??? $99 per year with $69 every subsequent year. $350 for a lifetime membership. With the fees, you can take unlimited courses that are on the university website. It’s really well run and I feel so happy that my Zirtual assistant, S found this university for me. Though I just signed up for Zirtual and am leaving in just 1 month, I have managed to save tens of thousands of dollars in tuitions fees because of this university I found. Not to say the many gems that S has helped me uncover. For that I am much grateful. I am working on a Masters in Taylor’s University anyway. So my dreams of a PhD are still possible.

Oh… the morning pages. I’ve managed to complete 3 pages of my morning pages for the last 7 days. That is a 7 day streak and I see no signs of stopping. All I do is dump all the thoughts that are in my head onto paper. I write a lot of stuff. I don’t even know what I write. I write mostly a gratitude style prose thanking the Almighty for all the things that I want to thank. Whatever it may be. I love the morning pages. I still have to improve on writing nicely with speed. I time how long it takes to finish 3 pages in a day. So far, my record is 18 minutes plus. I will keep increasing the speed and one day, the size of the notebook I am using. At the moment, I am using an old journal I bought in the US. It will take the duration of 12 weeks to finish my notebook. The time for my creativity class that introduced me to the morning pages in the first place. Sweet.

This is Batcave Season Day 7. Life is great and it can only get greater from here.

Blessed be God forever.

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