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Singapore Writers Festival Trip Day 5

Today is the 5th day in Singapore. I have problems with adding pictures to the post. So I hope you can bear with me. Lots and lots of pictures coming soon…

The Pod

I having been putting up at The Pod which is now my favorite place to stay here in Singapore. Compared to a Holiday Inn that I have to pay 190 Singaporean dollars for a night, this place is just 1/6 of the amount being 30 Singaporean dollars. On weekends it goes up to 40 Singaporean dollars or a little more. But the thing is, Holiday Inn does charge more than 200 Singapore dollars during peak seasons. So the fluctuation happens for all hotels and hostels.


Accommodation in Singapore – The Pod

I have never stayed in a capsule hotel before in my life. I tried it out the last time I was here last month. You get a small little box that houses your bed with 2 fluffy pillows/blanket, a pull-down desk, and a rack to hang your towel and clothes. There is locker at the bottom of your bunk bed for your luggage. If my house was like this, I think I would be very happy. I don’t comprehend why I am so happy living in this small little space. My brother would be complaining his head off but to me, it is more than fun and amusing.

The washrooms are shared with taps that turn on and off with sensors and the toilets also flush with sensors. There is free laundry where washing machines and dryers are available free of charge. Showers contain free soap and shampoo. If you run out of toothpaste, you can get it complimentary from the front desk.

All doors are accessed by key cards. I’m obsessed with cards and this is totally giving me the time of my life. 

There is a business lounge for use too with free wifi and power outlets to plug in anything you wish.

2 water dispensers are also available in the area for you to take as much water as you like.

In short, if you love a place full of tech and convenience, I say come to The Pod to stay. But do not. I repeat. Do not come here if you are claustrophobic.

Singapore Writers Festival

I have no clue why I never knew about this Festival for the past 20 years. I have to say this is the best Writers Festival ever. The festival pass is heavily discounted with all the sponsors that even include the US Embassy of Singapore. I pay 25 Singaporean Dollars for 10 festival days. The line up of authors is not short of being spectacular. This year’s big names include Marie Lu, Ken Liu, Jay Asher and other prominent writers in the region.

There are so many talks that I want to attend but some are in conflict with each other. Thus, I can only pick the one over the other by considering the speaker. Sometimes no matter how attractive the subject is, the speaker is very important. That’s because the speaker makes a whole difference. If he or she is funny and articulate, a boring subject will still be enjoyable.

It is Day 3 of the festival today. I have been enjoying every single day. Today is a Monday. There are screenings in the daytime and talks take place in the evening. I will not be attending any talks on weekdays and look forward to the big names this coming weekend. I think that should make my 25 dollars more than worth it by going to talks on 4 festival days.

This is Day 3 of the Singapore Writers Festival. I will be here a little while longer till the Singapore Writers Festival is over. I will be updating daily.

Thank you for reading.

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