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Daily Post #3 – There is No Such Thing As Too Much Exercise

Daily Post #3 – There is No Such Thing As Too Much Exercise

A lot of us in the world are overweight. Malaysians share the same problems as the United States of America. We love our food. We also love fatty fast foods. Eating is also a hobby here in Malaysia. Lots of junk, fried stuff.

So how do we get ourselves to lose that weight? How do we eat all that and still keep ourselves slim or maintain a good body mass?
Enter exercise.

I have been thinking how much exercise I need for me to get rid of my belly fat. It’s bulged after all the Oreos, good mummy soups and cake that I have been consuming recently. The bulge is so huge, many people have noticed and said something about it when I see them.

The answer is exercise. Exercise not only does wonders to keep ourselves fitter, healthier or even motivated. It produces “feel good” hormones that will take away depression, get our brains more oxygen and even makes us happy. Keeps us mentally fit.

So I asked myself how much exercise is too much exercise. We don’t want to kill ourselves just trying to exercise till be like die or something.

I Googled it. The answer came. It says there is no such thing as over exercising!

OMG! That means I can exercise 24 hours a day and eat all the food I want!
Technically that is correct. But I guess, that means no sleep and we’ll die without sleep. So that’s not right.

There is also the question that goes I don’t like to exercise so why do I want to exercise? True that. Do not exercise if you feel like it is stress. I repeat. Do not exercise if you don’t like it. That’s because it puts additional stress on your system and it makes you even fatter. The scientists said that.

Then what do I do? I can’t even exercise because I hate it. I hate hate hate exercise. I hate any forms of exercise.

There are many alternatives to hitting the gym, running or anything like that. You can go window shopping, go bike riding, dance on your Nintendo Switch, play Pokemon Go. In other words, there are a lot of different fun things to do that you might not consider as exercise.

What is your activity that does that count as exercise to you? Please comment and share with us how you hacked your way to becoming fit.

For this year, all I want to see is that my beer belly without drinking beet disappears. No matter where you are, how fat or thing you are, just know that you are not alone. Try to do something about your weight. We can live longer lives and see our children grow old and have children of their own. But I guess a lot of us are single and just maybe if you stay long enough on Earth, you’ll eventually find joy and peace when you haven’t discovered them yet.
God bless!


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