Daily Post 7 – History

I have been working alone for as long as I can remember. It was 2009. I quit Allianz and decided to be on this path of securing myself a career in writing.
In the beginning, I had clients who paid me to write web articles. Slowly that dried up, and I decided to start blogging for profit. That didn’t turn out well. I also started writing my novel.

Since I couldn’t sustain myself just writing and writing was turning so lonely, I worked at Machines. An Apple Authorized Reseller. There I met many wonderful people. I even wanted to start a project with some of them. But it turned ugly, and I was left being alone again.

I started a writer’s group on MeetUp and had only 1 meeting. There I met a girl that we later exchanged a lot of poems with each other to make it into a book. But that too went ugly, and I was left being alone yet again.

At the same time, I was with an intern working with me so that it wasn’t so lonely. At the end of his internship, I was left being alone yet again, and I seemed to be destined to be alone.

I already put together a novel that was titled Love From Heaven or Hell and decided to go to New York this very year to get an agent. After 8 months of writing, I flew to the Big Apple. It was the best overseas trip ever! I had great roommates at the hostel and got to see Jimmy Fallon live! I also went to a Broadway show called Finding Neverland! Best trip ever! Well, like history would never repeat itself, it did. I didn’t get an agent because I didn’t polish the manuscript well enough and then I was left alone yet again, and I seemed to be destined to be alone. Maybe I will just seal my own fate and just be alone for the rest of my life.

One day, I joined this online writing course where an instructor was from Taylor’s University in Malaysia. As soon as I found that out, I raced over to the university to make an inquiry about this instructor. She didn’t appear in the database. But there was surely something that I can learn from this. It turns out 99% of writers or something like that cannot treat being a writer as their only job. So, teaching was a viable option. I decided I should go back to school and get my Masters. This paves a way to allow me to teach college while also writing. I enrolled in the Master of Communication in 2016. I started in February and met or made many new friends who suddenly turned enemies. I failed terribly in class politics, which if you ask me, I never signed up to be a politician in the first place. I was just hoping to be a writer and a lecturer. I ain’t no politician. So I failed. I had to run because the whole class became violent and I had to get out of there before I die. I decided to leave, and then I was alone all over again.

To be continued…

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