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Daily Post 12 – Padme Amidala

Daily Post 12 – Padme Amidala

Since the day of the dark place, I have been feeling a certain pain in the heart. When I am in tuition class or when I am at school, I’d feel this sudden ache that resided in my chest. What was it I cannot explain. I was too young to have a heart problem.

It was 1999. I have been waiting forever to watch Star Wars Episode 1. It has been in the making for tens of years. I heard the news that new episodes of Star Wars were to come out in almost ten years. I was in elementary school when the news broke. At the time, Star Wars had been showing on free to air TV for many years. I read the novels and watched it every year during festive seasons like Chinese New Year. They re-released the original Star Wars. But for some reason, dad didn’t bring us.

I remember that day when Star War Episode 1 was about to be in theatres. I really remember the day I kept checking for the times in the newspaper. I was very worried that there would not be any tickets on the 1st day.

Thankfully my best friend Ricky and I got tickets at the Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex. I remember trying so hard to take in all that was being shown, I had to watch it over and over again to remember everything. I have no idea why Jar Jar Binks was so hated. I also have no idea who Padme Amidala was. She was an angel as described by Anakin in the movie. I was mesmerized. Totally mesmerized. The double of Padme was so obvious. I knew it from the start. That Queen Amidala was being the servant.

So the movie was over, the Duel of Fates music kept looping in my head. That end part was so chilling, that the goosebumps never ended every time I thought about the scene when Qui Gon Jin is killed.

Ricky and I would rush to his house to find out who Padme or Queen Amidala was. We got all the info we needed on the Internet. Actress name. Natalie Portman. Birthday 9 June 1981. MY AGE!! SAME MONTH OF BIRTHDAY!

A few days later during Malay tuition class, I walked to a 7 Eleven and they were giving away free posters of Star Wars characters with the purchase of Pepsi. The memory is still fresh. I was so lucky to be able to get Queen Amidala. I put that poster on my wall and stared at it every night before I went to bed. Every night, she would seem like she was going to jump out of the poster.

One night, I had a dream I met Padme on Tatooine with a sandstorm happening.

I started to try to link Padme with me. I had to try to find common denominators between us. She is Jewish. An Abrahamic religion. I thought maybe I was an angel too and that she was an angel. What made so much sense was that she was born 9 June and me 19 June. So she jumped down to Earth and I followed suit, trying to catch her but failed. So I had to jump too for me to find her on Earth.

To be continued…


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