Daily Post 15 – Fishes in the Sea

I woke up this morning, body aching all over. I counted my bunnies and one was missing. Thankfully I found it. Somehow it decided to fall off the pillow. A little attention seeking if I might say. It is okay. I know which one now. The green one. Must show it a little bit more care.

Last night, I was dreaming again. But this time was a little peculiar. I was at mass in Penang. Our former chief minister of Penang, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon and his son were there attending mass saying that he would like to be Catholic. That’s as far as I can remember. I even took Holy Communion for the first time in my dream. Or maybe there have been times but I have forgotten.

I have hit my daily tracker goals for 15 days now. But yesterday was mourning day. How can you pray for someone that speaks of evil? The only explanation that is good for me to think of is that she was just trying to be like them bad girls. But I don’t like it. I went into mourning just because of an emoji and that is pretty pathetic thinking about it.

I was back to playing badminton last Thursday. My mojo is still there after years of not playing. The first few shots I totally missed. Yeah… the shuttlecock came flying in my way a few times and I totally missed. But out of 3 games, I won 2. The other one was a close 21-19. I want to join the school team at Taylor’s. I guess I will be playing a lot of badminton from now on.

The sky is dark, gloomy and rain has begun falling down from the Heavens. I look out of the window and pray that it will not be like this every day.
The world is always in a state of turmoil. So for all that we can do is to pray and hope for a better future. To pray that we will survive a world where conflict is part of our lives. Our lives are full of conflict whether we like it or not. But we can choose to hope and be positive, that there will come a day when it will cease. That Heaven will finally arrive.

I believe that there are many fishes in the sea and that I should try very hard to open my world to it. The more I try to fight, the faster I fall. So I will not fight any longer. For that I know the battle will be lost. If I am going to win this battle, I have to stop fighting.

God bless!

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