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Daily Post 16 – Itaewon Church / HeadMaster is Coming!

Daily Post 16 – Itaewon Church / HeadMaster is Coming!

Last night, I went to Korea. In my dream. I was with my brother on the trip. We arrived and passed by this church which had a sign stating Itaewon church. We traveled along the road in a car and arrived at our hotel.

Not long after that, we went to a shop that had books and souvenirs. There my auntie gave each of us a red packet with 450 Taiwan Dollars. According to the dream, that is 225 US dollars and 1000 Ringgit Malaysia. There is no way she would give me so much money. Never before anyway. We start to suspect something was going on.

We go back to our hotel in a taxi where the taxi driver said he needed to use our bathroom with his son. I thought he was joking. But he showed up at our doorstep. Fearful of our security, I turned him down much to my brother’s disapproval.

The guy decided to sue us and brought us to see the police officers. There, we were shown footage of the time we arrived till we got to our hotel. There were security cameras everywhere that took video of us.

We didn’t know what was going on. My cousin KC came to help us out. His phone was stolen by a pickpocket right there right then.

I had to make my way to the church to pray for protection and ended up in a Sikh temple instead.

Then a nephew told me to follow him. I followed him back to the shop where I got lucky money and was told that this was all a prank.

The Headmaster Gives me a Pepsi
I am back in high school. Some of my classmates were Ahmad and Ricky. Ahmad never went to high school with me. Ricky is my best friend.

Mobile phones were announced to be 100% acceptable to bring to school the following year. I brought an MP3 player with a monochrome display and apps that I can install. I was doing research on it when music begins to play. The more I tried to lower the volume, the louder it got. A prefect asked me to bring it to him for inspection. I said I am innocent! I was doing research on it!

I wanted to get out of the high school. So I decided to call my mom to get me the hell out of there.

Break time was about to end, so I went to get something to eat and drink.

I walked out of my classroom down the corridor and down the steps to a vending machine. I chose some Skittles and Pepsi. When the bell rang, all the students were scrambling back to the classroom because the headmaster was coming.

The Pepsi didn’t come out in time, I grabbed my Skittles and ran for my life. I got back to the classroom and the headmaster passed by.

“Who tried to buy stuff from the vending machine?”

A classmate stood up. I was scared he’d be punished. Not to say me too. But he got his food and I got my Pepsi with no punishment.

I still felt like I needed to get out of this school. I want to go to Canada!

The end.

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