Daily Post 17 – Standard 10 and Flying Cars

I am back in primary school. I do not have many friends. I have more gal friends than guy friends. I can count the many guy friends I have. Not gals.

There is this one girl that I haven’t seen since Standard 4. I see her again and she says she is in Standard 10.

It seems that she flunked a few years. The last 4 students in the grade have to stay back because of poor academic performance. She was one of them.

There is also a fast track system where the top 4 students in a grade skip grades and finish 6 years of studies faster.

I see the picture of the students. They have oval shaped faces with eyes that are mostly black in color with no white in them.

It does tell me one thing. Sometimes, with just the look of a child, you can tell his or her destiny.

I buy stuff to eat and pay the least I could for it. I couldn’t find anything to drink other than soft drinks. But I continued searching till I found some healthy tea.

In the next dream,

I go to a car exhibition.


They were selling flying cars. My dad, mom and I try it out by getting into it. Somehow we fall asleep. When we wake up, I thought it was like 100 years have passed. But 26 hours had just passed.

We take the car for a test drive. The transparent glass doors close by itself, we move out of the building and off we went flying at incredible speeds. There was no traffic. The sky was dark and we did not have any lights to see what is happening around us. We get to a cinema where we were supposed to pick my brother up. He didn’t show up, so we left for home.

The destination was put in. It somehow was Persiaran Lagoon. I have no idea why we live there. But we try to input the destination. Nothing. So we fly back to the expo, buy the car and then,

I wake up.

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