Daily Post 19 – Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour 2018 Concert Experience

I have been buying Jacky Cheung CDs since Form 1 at the age of 14. The story is that I was in Vancouver when I passed by a CD shop and my aunt asked me which 4 Heavenly Kings of Pop did I like best. The only one I was familiar with was Jacky Cheung because my mom’s friend, Auntie Mary, bought us a cassette tape by him saying it is a good listen. That year, I saw my Vancouver cousins so into CantoPop, I couldn’t resist to listen to it myself.


That year, my dad was on a business trip to KL. We visited the Atria Shopping Mall and there history was made. There I bought my 1st CD with my “ang pow” or red packet money. I bought every single CD of his ever since.


When I went to Hamilton for my Pre-U studies, my luggage was stolen and all my Jacky CDs perished with it. Thousands of ringgit worth of CDs were lost.


Spotify came along and I have access to all the Jacky CDs I ever bought right there! AND MORE!


Last night I attended my first Jacky Cheung Concert. I watched his Snow Wolf Lake Musical in Singapore but that doesn’t count because that is a musical. Not a concert.


This concert was very talked about in town. Fans lined up 2 days in advance to get tickets. Within 24 hours of release for the 1st 2 shows, tickets were sold out. I didn’t have the opportunity to get tickets the first time.  The 3rd show was announced a few weeks after the 2 shows were sold out. As soon as the 3rd show was announced, I thought to myself… I GOT TO GO! He was here in 2012. If history repeats itself, that will be 2024 that I can catch him again. Then he will be in his 60s and I don’t think he will be dancing around that much anymore!


Armed with a CitiBank credit card, I got to buy tickets 1 day earlier. I bought the cheapest tix at RM600+. That was the cheapest for the card. I told myself I will only watch Jacky perform live once in my lifetime. That justifies the cost.


This morning, I was dreaming about my cousins in Vancouver, grandma and aunt. We went shopping. My whole family was there too including mom, dad and lil bro. We were trying on different hats. We left for the carpark after. There, mom fell stepping on the stairs downward.She seemed like she was going to fall off the whole flight of stairs. I went to her rescue and pulled her back.




I woke up… I needed to go back to Dream Land. At least that was the feeling when I was waking up. We were late for church. I was feeling very drowsy. But 11:30AM mass was the only service we can attend today. So I had to drag myself out.


After mass and lunch, mom was the one being drowsy. She slept and I tried to wake her up. But she couldn’t get up. We were supposed to get out by 3PM. But we got out at 5PM. We took the Uber to the concert venue at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil. A stadium built for the Commonwealth Games a long long time ago.


When we got there at 5:40PM, there were already tons of people walking around. Many many sponsors set up shop in the vicinity. All were trying to make people like their FaceBook page to get free stuff. Of course being a total loser for free things, I went to get everything there is to get. Mom and I got a few packets of Ang Pows, some desk calendars, 5 Jacky Cheung posters and other free stuff I have yet to see. We got a plastic lunch box for a lucky draw that involved sharing a picture of us with the company logo. Some kind of AC company.


We found a place to sit and mom went to buy food. She came back with 100 plus and chicken pie. We also got ourselves freshly baked croissants. Jacky Cheung music was being played where we were eating. It was getting us in the mood. We shared our table with 2 other couples which arrived one after another. They seem to be in their 50s. Jacky has been singing for 33 years. That makes the couple to be in their 20s when they first heard Jacky sing. I, of course, should have interviewed them. I missed the chance.


After our light dinner, we proceeded to the arena with our tickets already collected earlier on. We found our seats, which were just 2 of them without having to sit with other people. The whole row of seats were 2. More privacy. Good.


Just when the clock struck 8, Jacky came out on time, belting one of the longest tracks he has ever sung in his entire career. He came in dancing. I was expecting that he would fly in or that he would catapult himself out of the middle. No. He gently rose up from the middle. That is as good as it can get.


The stage turned into many different things throughout the concert. It became outer space, a lava mountain, a lake, high rise buildings, a pub, a circus, HELL. Yes. With all the monsters and evil seductresses.


The arena was full of energy this day. Everyone was so mesmerized by Jacky’s voice. It’s been 33 years. Dancing and singing his way through the show, he seemed like he is still just getting warmed up, without any end to his career anytime soon.


If this is the case,  I’m heading to another Jacky concert soon. He asked us how many of us came for the 1st time. A lot of us shouted, “me”! From a negative perspective, it means that we haven’t been listening to his music until recently. But on the bright side, he still has a lot of hope for the future because there are so many fans that just started coming to his concert. Think of the possibility of more new fans in the future, he said. I AGREE!!! YESSS!!!


The hours whizzed by pretty fast. He was singing almost nonstop for 3 hours. His change of wardrobe didn’t exceed 5 minutes. The dancers and musicians were top notch. A lot of Malaysians were in the crew including musicians, lighting crew and behind the scenes people. He paid tribute to all of them.


Tributes to the ones that have passed on to the next world were also projected on the stage including Leslie Cheung, Ro Man and Anita Mui.

A lucky couple got themselves photographed, printed and framed with Jacky signing the poster. OMG! Many couples appeared on screen and they chose the best one for this lasting memory to be hung on their wall! OMG~!

I couldn’t stop yelling. He asked us to sing along because the first 2 nights were filled with people singing and we couldn’t lose to them could we?


Jacky’s jokes never cease to entertain. His flair is still as much alive as before. I for one knew every single song there was tonight.


If Jacky were to come again, I’d gladly pay more to watch.


This is the end of my report.

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