Daily Post 20 – Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

I am building myself a safety net at the moment. You might want to know James Franco has a safety net himself. He teaches college and that is exactly what I want to do myself.

Teaching is not that tough. You prepare your lesson plans, present stuff, mark papers and assignments. Train the next generation of leaders and citizens of the future.

The drama I have already encountered teaching grade school kids. College will be a whole new ball game. You have to understand that the college student is considered a customer and not entirely a student. In the retail world, customer is king. It is now applied to the education world. The student is king. You step on the toes of an angry student and he is going to go all out creating hell for you. By the time you know it, the principal or head of department will be calling you in for a talk and letting you go because you failed the angry student.

This is the worst-case scenario.

The other problem is when a student starts sending you love letters. That’s the other problem. I have had my share of experience but not of a letter type. But messages on assignments.

I get why a lot of celebrities tend to stay as far away as possible from fans. Or rather not reply to comments and messages. It might create havoc. The best policy is to distance yourself and have no interaction whatsoever with your lover. That has to be done. Or else God knows what would happen if you even have an inkling of feelings that might be there.

Bottom line, do your job teaching. Present it like a stage show, be as interesting as possible, make the student love the subject and not you. You do it well enough and get lots of students. You will then be fast-tracked for a promotion. Your life will be the best it will ever has been.

That is a dream. I do not know what is to happen in another year even. My dream is still to be a writer that will be able to sustain his life writing. Considering the costs that come with a writer which is very low, I can survive.

I am cutting my mobile phone bills. I might be switching from Maxis to U Mobile. I am buying a phone every 6 years, starting 2020 because I am on Zerolution and I don’t want to waste that yearly upgrade fee. I am eating cheap. Like nothing fancy. Apple products will have to be bought when they totally die.

I mean that is what a writer should do to keep his life sustainable.

All I do every day is read, write, watch TV, play games, eat and sleep. I need to shit too. Sorry.

You ask me why I want to be alone? You can probably figure it out by now. I do not have to elaborate.

But life is life.

Life is like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. – Forrest Gump

If life cannot be predictable, who knows, an alien might inspire me to write a bestseller of sorts, the world might suddenly come to an end tomorrow.

All we got to do is do what we need to do. Things that we love.

So, come what may.

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