Daily Post 23 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 1

Mom didn’t think twice or even ask me whether going to Lourdes, France was going to be our family trip for 2017.
I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night, listening to my brother talking to mom about booking the flight to Lourdes. That’s how I found out about the trip.

21st of December 2017
Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA is packed
Destination: Paris Via Dubai

We were going to France!! AT LAST!!! After months of anticipation, the day finally arrived. We aren’t just going to France, We were going to Lourdes. Many people will know Paris. But most will not know Lourdes. Because you aren’t Catholic if you don’t. That is where miracle healings take place where pilgrims go every year. 6 million souls descend upon this part of the world to bath in the waters to get healed of the sickness of soul, mind, and body.

I have psychosis. I mean I am crazy. I also have eczema. My face is always turning red when I am stressed with dead skin starting to appear in the bridge between my eyebrows and T-zone.

By visiting Lourdes, everything will be gone. I will be saying bye bye bye to my sickness forever. Imagine the anticipation of how something wonderful could happen.

A miracle.



The reindeer for my brother. He didn’t want to adopt it. So it’s mine!

This is it! I am going to be healed! I will not have to hear voices or think that people are talking about me anymore. My face will be back to normal, and I will be so happy!

Our Uber ride got us to the airport at 4 PM. Our flight was at 9 PM departing for Dubai on Emirates Airlines.

Thanks to our CIMB credit cards, we get to use the lounge for free. Though we are just given 3 hours to stay, it is ample time to get something to eat and drink. The selection of drinks is splendid. This is the Premium Plaza Lounge. The Malaysian one in KLIA is second best, losing out to the Singaporean one. But still, the comfort, atmosphere, food selection, and free drinks are more than I can ask for.

We finish up our dinner and head to our boarding gate. It’s just plain boarding and flying to Dubai. But you will not believe who will sit next to me after we get on the plane from Dubai to Paris.

No, it is not a celebrity.

To be continued…

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