Daily Post 22 – What a Salesman Should Know Part 1

Being in sales is a very challenging, yet rewarding experience. I think it is worse than being a servant. You are at the most bottom of all human occupations. Yet, you have the chance to ascend to the level of kings. I want to point out a few tips for salespeople that nobody has ever taught me. They include the number game, no target but with target rule, love everybody, and dream big.

Numbers Game
Most people in sales know that it is a numbers game you are playing when it comes to sales. Let’s say that you are working as a credit card promoter. Talking to 10 people and talking to 1000 people has a big difference. If you put your chances of getting a sale at say 0.1%, every 10 people, you will get a sale. That is being very optimistic for a credit card promoter. Let’s say you put it at 0.001%. That is every 1000 people, you get 1 to sign up. This is the best place to start your career. You have to work extremely hard to get a sale. That will set your work ethic for years to come.

For me, I was working as a salesperson for an IT company about 10 years ago. They gave me a good name. Account Development Manager. With the title, it opened up many more doors for me than just being a salesman.

I made my mistakes. Yes, I was treated like shit. A lot of receptionists kicked me out even before I walked into the office. But that brought humility to me. Every time I see someone in sales and they approach me, I’ll treat them with the utmost kindness because I know what they are going through. Being treated like shit is a norm, and I faced it every day. What I didn’t do right was to expect something more than I was supposed to get.

I should have concentrated my efforts in seeing more people than to fret about my gigantic sales numbers. I wanted to sign 100 people a day. That is possible. But every day, I am disappointed with the most, after trying the hardest and dying, to get 10 people. When we do not get what we want, we tend to get restless and frustrated. We become angry and give up when for weeks, you don’t hit your target. But I have learned the trick to how to do this sales game.

Just keep increasing that number of people you see. The sky is the limit. See as many people as you can a day. Every day is a new day. You can work harder every single day. Then, results will surely pour in.

I am now a writer but I am going to be a salesman once again. My plans are kept secret. But hey! At least I know what to do this time around.

I will put my sales chances at 0.0001%. At least then, I will be more adjusted to the realities of how many books I will be able to sell for now.

Thanks and God bless!

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