Daily Post 24 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 2

Boarding the plane to Paris from France, a man sat next to me. Before taking off, a boy changed seats with this guy. I do not know how this boy changed seats with him all of a sudden, but he started talking to me. Here is what I know about this boy, after checking his IC to prove his age.

As good as buying them for myself here in this picture.

He is 18 years old. A makeup artist by profession. Hometown: Johor. Traveling to Paris to visit friends. Goes to a private school. Uses Joox as his preferred music player. Listens to a lot of BTS. I mean this guy is a BTS fanatic. He starts singing all sorts of BTS songs to me. Then he starts singing Beast songs. Then sang like Super Junior songs. He possesses lots of knowledge about the SM Entertainment company for some reason. It’s like he knows Korean. Next thing I know he starts teaching me Korean. I show him my Korean learning app and he starts getting anxious because it is hard. To him anyway. We talk a lot about SM Entertainment. Like a lot. That’s all I am saying. He even continues with plastic surgery. We talk a lot about makeup. At the end of our journey, he gives me his WeChat ID which doesn’t work. He also tells me that he has makeup on. I couldn’t tell. But he looked really good.

I got off the plain thinking that this guy is super knowledgeable about KPOP. He seemed like he was auditioning for me. Or at least practicing for his audition. I asked him to go audition. He said maybe later or something. But he definitely didn’t say he is going for sure.

Checking in luggage for Lourdes trip. But first a wefie.



Upon arriving in Paris, we had to take a bus to another airport for a connecting flight to Lourdes. My brother was going to join us there. Mom was busy all the way from our main airport to the other airport, texting my lil bro how to get there. Snapped lots of pics, gave directions. She was on the phone all the way till we checked in. Then she panicked because she snapped the wrong pictures of the airline counter and the bus stop that lil bro is supposed to go to. She went back and re-snapped. I was busy just staring into blank space and listening to music. There were a lot of travelers that had dogs take the plane with them. I haven’t seen so many dogs in an airport before. There were also lots of soldiers walking around with machine guns. It’s very common here in my neighborhood anyway. Feels like home.

I was seated closing my eyes and listening to music when I feel a tap on my shoulder. It was my lil bro. Gave him a hug and we were off to board our flight to Lourdes. There was a lot of people going to Lourdes. The plane was full. All the people are going to get cured!!


Downloaded the app for boarding. I mean how cool is this!




Let’s all get cured!
On the way, I read up that like millions of people go there each year. To date, only hundreds got cured. I don’t care!




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