Daily Post 25 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 3 Da Marco


We arrived in Lourdes with a full load of passengers on the plane. By the time, we got to our taxi, everybody was gone. I had no idea where they all went.

Our taxi driver was super talkative. First thing he did was laugh at us. Like really laugh.


All of us were thinking what is wrong coming in the winter?

This taxi driver was born on the plane on the way to Spain. So he gets business class seats with economy class rates when flying some airline. He enjoys the company of businessmen and successful people on the plane he said.

Most people visit Lourdes to go to the mountains for skiing in the winter. Pilgrims as much as 6 million people visit in the summer for healing. We are already in Lourdes. Whatever.

I found out that the baths were under renovation and we can only wash ourselves with water that comes out of taps. It’s ok. It is still water. I CAN STILL BE CURED!

We got to our hotel, which is a small little one. The receptionist, George, was very welcoming. I haven’t seen a receptionist so helpful, warm and talkative. He is from Mexico living here in France. We got our keys and our luggage was brought to our room. We had a big room having 2 rooms joined together. There was no TV. The room was very traditional. A desk, beds and some side tables. That was it. Of course, there was a closet, a chair for the desk. That is all I remember seeing. The bathroom was modern enough, and that was all that I really cared about.

On the first day in Lourdes, we just went out for dinner as it was already dark. It gets a dark in the winter very early in the day for Malaysians to know. But it was already dinner time.

We got to a pizza place called Da Marco. Wow! The pizza was fantastic! We have never had pizza this good even in Italy. The ingredients were so fresh, you know it instantly putting it into your mouth. The crust was perfect, with that chewy but not tough feeling.

That day, we found out how to walk about. The church was just about 10 minutes from our hotel. The pizza place was about 15 minutes away.

We’ve had a long day. All of us fell on our beds, and then the world just went dark.

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