Daily Post 26 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 4 Half Cured

I woke up the next morning, feeling really sleepy. But I got myself up anyway. I then went to eat breakfast. It was the best breakfast ever. A lot of cheese, ham, croissants, Nutella, cereal, milk and orange juice.

We ate our breakfast and went to church. On the way I felt so sleepy, I told the rest I need to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the cold church for 2 hours on the bench. I have no idea how I managed to sleep there in the freezing temperature, but I did. I found my lil bro and we went on to find my mum. They already explored the whole area and they were off to lunch. So we went to eat. Just a few people were visible around the church and surrounding areas. Not more than 10. But that was expected.

I had a good hamburger. The rest ate something else. After lunch, we went shopping at the souvenir places that were all along a street. I should have taken pictures of the shops. But I didn’t.

I had to wash my face and drink the water of Lourdes to cure myself soon. So I decided that I should do so the next day.

It was already Christmas Eve. We ate, went back to the hotel, and I fell asleep. The rest went for Christmas eve mass.

On the 25th, I went to drink the water and wash my face at the taps of Lourdes. For some reason, I just washed my forehead. I drank just a few mouthfuls of water. I was done.

Almost all the shops were closed on Christmas day. Thankfully, the restaurant we ate at the previous night was opened. So we ate there again. Though we were in France, we ate pizza and pasta. I guess a lot of Italians do visit this place often. So it won’t be much of a surprise. In other words, typical Catholic food. Pizza. Pasta.


We unwrapped our Christmas presents earlier. Chris got me some thermals. I got him a Bath and Body Works candle.  I will be very warm throughout the years with my brother’s thermals.

It was really a blur right after the whole day. We ate, we lit some candles at the church grounds, we prayed at the church, and that was our whole Lourdes experience.

I am planning to come back here.


After leaving Lourdes, I found that my forehead was totally cured of my flaking skin. But the area around my nose was still red. That’s because I didn’t wash it properly with the holy water. I am half cured. The top half is good, but the bottom half is still bad.

Only my mom is awake.




Pomme = Apple

Oh well. I can’t do anything already after leaving. It’s an excuse to come back again. Heal in the summer where I can take a bath and purify myself completely!


Tomorrow: Paris!

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