Daily Post 26 – Fate/Night Stay Unlimited Blade Works

I started watching this anime called Fate/Night Stay a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop ever since. It tells of this boy named Emiya Shirou who finds himself tangled in a war called the Holy Grail War. There are 7 servants and 7 masters that fight to get the Holy Grail. Emiya is identified as a Master who summons a Servant called Saber. There is always another 6 other servants. They are Archer, Assasin, Caster, Lancer, Rider, and Gilgamesh. They all serve a Master that they bring to fight each other till 1 is left. The Holy Grail War is not the first time being held. It has raged through the centuries till the present because Earth still exists. As long as the end days aren’t here, or if the Holy Grail War doesn’t destroy Earth, another round will take place.

Along the way, Emiya who just accidentally gets involved in the war teams up with Tohsaka Rin. She is a bright, beautiful student who is looked up to by a lot of girls. She starts off as enemies with Emiya. But they team up to fight the war as allies. Naturally, they fall in love and eventually… I don’t know. Watch to find out.

I particularly like the opening and ending themes. Though it may be of no difference to most other anime theme songs, the Kalafina sung songs were somehow giving me a lot of goosebumps. Looking into the lyrics, I found out why. It speaks to me.

Saber trains Emiya in sword fighting and eventually, Rin takes Emiya to a magic school where he has to be her pupil for a nonmagic person to enter the school. That very last episode where they go to London to a place called Clock Tower made my spider sense go all crazy. It’s just that it will be so great to have two people believing in each other, help one another get better and better each and every day. Two people who want the other to be happy. Someone to talk to and understand.

Someone who will know you inside out. It’s a rare relationship. This kind. I haven’t seen anything like that in my life experience other than in the movies or TV. Is it just fiction? Or fantasy?

I just will continue dreaming.

It so happened that the Fate/Stay Night anime movie was released in Malaysia this February. I had to go watch it. There is another follow up being released this coming year. The stories have the same characters, but they follow different storylines. Or alternate realities.

So looking forward to it. The characters are so interesting, I just want to be their friend.

Thank you for reading and God bless.


IMAGE SOURCE: http://bcuniverse.com/index.php/fate-stay-night-unlimited-blade-works-vol-2-japanese-weiss-schwarz-booster-box.html

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