Daily Post 27 – Bonjour France Part 4 Croissants

Lourdes, France is the place where many Catholic pilgrims visit to get healed. I was in need of healing. Every time there is stress, my face will form a lot of dead skin that look like flakes around the T-zone. The worst it got was when I went to court for an accident that took place last year. I think that is as much as I want to say about that.

After drinking the healing water and washing my face with it, I was half cured. That I was partially cured because I didn’t wash my face thoroughly, resulting in half my face losing the dead skin altogether and the other half still with it.

We went to the church grounds to light a candle for ourselves. There is a place where candles are lit to make your wishes heard. Sorry for not taking a photo of the place. I was just too occupied with thinking about what wish I’d like to make. I really forgot what I wished for. Candles came in all sizes. There was one that was so huge that it can burn for months. That wasn’t available of purchase…We took the smallest ones. Cheapest. Hopefully, that will not make the wish come true longer than it will take compared to the biggest candle available, or that the bigger the candle, the higher the priority. Headache.

Daily breakfast was amazing! We had freshly sliced ham and cheese. Nutella came in cute sized plastic holders. Orange juice was fresh. All kinds of pastries comprising of the ever famous croissant, bread and all kinds of bread were available. I can eat this every day of my life. There were also cereal, scrambled eggs, and sausages. Nothing beats a French breakfast.

On Christmas day, we went to the same restaurant we went to the previous night because all other places to eat were closed. We ordered pizza and pasta. Mom and Chris went to Christmas Eve. I didn’t go as I was feeling too tired and fell asleep fast after dinner.


Even though we were in France, we were eating Italian food. I have no idea where the French food was except for the croissants which are very French. The first time I had that was in a shop called DeliFrance when I was 10 years old in a shopping mall in Pulau Tikus. I can’t remember the name of the mall. But when DeliFrance first opened, mom will take us to eat there every week. We loved the minestrone soup there.


The first time I saw the croissant, I already fell in love with it. Love at first sight. The shape of it is like horns of a bull. Or a lobster’s claws. A cocoon. Or a slug??? We ate the croissant having a choice of different fillings comprising of chicken, tuna or egg.

The shop is no longer there but memories live on.

Lourdes will be missed. I will come back for sure. I still need to enter the baths to cure every single illness of mine; body, mind, and soul. If the healing water worked for my face, imagine what I can do when I am submerged in the water for more than a few seconds.

Wow! I’d probably as white as snow.


Soon it was time to say goodbye to Lourdes, and we’d take a flight to Paris one day after Christmas day.


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