Daily Post 28 – Writing Camp One

All of us are in life, trying to make it as fun as exciting as we can possibly can. My cousin flew from Vancouver to London, stayed there for a few hours and flew back just to get points for this flyer miles membership. He did it probably in his late 20s. I am already in my late 30s and I’m doing what he did. Get points for my hotel membership.

Yes. It costs! But I have it all covered with Uber driving. It’s the best job in the world. That’s how I pay my bills for now.

Enter Writing Camp One. I am spending time in Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur for 3 days 2 nights stay. The purpose of Writing Camps is to write as much as I can during the stay.

For a warm-up, I have decided to finish up all my papers for my Masters course. I’m running 2 Masters at the same time. One in communications and one in writing. These papers are for the communications course I am taking in Taylor’s University at this very moment.

My blog posts from now onwards will feature text, images and also video. Here are some pictures and videos for you to enjoy. Thanks and God bless!


All the books I need to read
I took this picture and forgot to put into my bad. :((
Snacks for the Camp 01


Snacks for the Camp 02

My bag to put the bottles as seen below.

  All the journals I need to read.



This is my room. I love it!

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