Anwar Ibrahim for MP

October the 13th of 2018 will be a very important day in the history of Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim
Future Prime Minister
Created Super Liberals
Impatient as stated by my lecturer
Faces a 7 candidate battle for the Port Dickson MP Post

During the time when Dr. Mahathir was prime minister for the first time, there was a capable and charming man that was his deputy. That man is Anwar Ibrahim. To my knowledge, there was some kind of power struggle in which Anwar was impatient to take over as prime minister. A lot of issues were in conflict between Tun Mahathir and Anwar to the point where there had to be people to take sides.

Anwar was then accused of sodomy and put into jail. This was done by the courts and Mahathir does not claim to have anything to do with the court case.

Fast forward to 2018, Anwar has been bailed out of prison by his frenemy Tun Mahathir. Anwar is slated to be the prime minister of Malaysia when Tun Mahathir steps down in 2 years or so. All seems to be good and well… till Anwar himself is getting impatient once again.

In a speech at a university, he claims he should have been prime minister and not Tun Mahathir.


When Tun Mahathir bailed you out, you were still not fit for office. Please sir. When Tun Mahathir became prime minister you were still in prison. Now, can you please for the goodness of Almighty God tell me that you had the possibility to even be the prime minister when Tun Mahathir became prime minister once again. Maybe it was a joke. But that joke will anger our Tun. And hopefully he got that as a joke!

With all due respect Anwar sir, please watch your words. We know Tun Mahathir and he can still do many things not to put you there in place as prime minister. Throughout his trips overseas, there was no word about you and the succession when it comes to prime minister.

Please don’t anger Tun Mahathir once again. With remarks like these, you can possibly be blacklisted once again by Tun.

There is going to be a 7 way fight this coming October 13th where Anwar will be facing the fight of his life to have a seat in parliament.

I really wish that Anwar will win because amongst all the candidates, he stands out as the most senior, most experienced and dare I say, most ambitious of them all.

But if Anwar is going to follow his MO that he has done for all the years he followed before going to jail, we are bound to find Malaysia in another brain drain situation where the best leave the country leaving the rest of the Malaysians fending for themselves while Malaysia is run by politicians that are not fit to properly govern the country to provide its citizens a comfortable and good life.

I really wish Anwar will really do that one day. To lead Malaysia to a better future.

Anwar, Sir. InsyaAllah you will really become Prime Minister one day.

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