It’s Been Awhile

It was March 16th of 2004 when I first blogged.

That’s like 15 years ago and I guess lots have changed. And lots did not change.

I am going to be posting everything that I have posted on Blogger and digging out the skeletons for the museum.

The posts will be posted up very soon.

BabyBoo will be in charge to post.

There are literally thousands and thousands of ’em old stuff to dig.

I guess we’ll see what we will see.

I’ll do commenting as I go through the old blog posts.

It’s going to be crazy.

I think I will compile each year into an ebook for sale. $2.99 shouldn’t be too much would it?

I got to pay the bills. And if things go south as always. I’ll be the only one buyin the book for myself. Not that that is an option. PLEASE SUPPORT!!!


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