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Hi everyone!

I am totally alive.

As you may know, my life has dramatically changed over the course of just 5 months.

I got married to my first love and my best friend.

I don’t know how it happened or do I know what is really happening.

TBH, I don’t really feeled married at all because I don’t feel any more adult than yesterday.

It was a whirlwind romance and not too long ago on the 9th of March, I proposed and she said yes!

Not that it was any surprise.

I remember Max, my nephew left my house after the proposal saying…”This is all just formality.

Before the marriage proposal, she already said yes and it was just when that I was going to propose.

Max is right and I should give him a medal for that.

What’s next

Big things are happening for the next couple of months before 2019 comes to a close.

We are heading to the Maldives in June.

We are going to attend the Catholic church’s Marriage Encounter Weekend in July.

We are going to have a wedding in September.

And we are working together on some projects that involve Shopify, SteemIt, Twitch, Teachable and all the social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Working Together Sux IS Challenging

I am telling you. Working together is not a good thing. Or a bad thing. We’ve learned so much about how each other function that it gets on both our nerves. I have been rather not so gentle when it came to how she works, how she thinks and how she learns. Anything else, I shall not divulge as it is a P&C thing. I know my boundaries.

I have to probably be as patient as a Zen master can be. Be gentle as the breeze. Be caring and kind always. Or else, I’ll probably lose my best friend.

We are the same. We have similar interests. We love cute stuff. We are weirdos.

We are also our only friends to each other.

For the past 2 months since we first lived with each other, we have only been seeing one another and nobody else.

This means we don’t have friends. We just have each other.

If this will continue on forever, I am most happy to be just like this because the only thing we need is each other and no one else.

Of course, I have my mom and Tim and my brother and I probably also have God and the angels and Jesus and Mother Mary and the Saints.

So we are staying good Catholics and adhering to whatever rules there are. Though some rules we aren’t really quite sure and don’t know whether we have broken any of them.

Are we married?

We are already married under Malaysian law. That means that we are already married to many people in Malaysia. But we are Catholics. The Catholic church still does not recognize our marriage until we are married in the church.

Do you know what this means?

No sex.

We are all adults here. At least both BabyBoo and I are. Nothing to be shameful to say.

So we are waiting for our wedding.

And working towards building our home.

We hope that we can be financially secure by the time it is time to create a family of our own after the wedding.

That means I, as the husband, am doing what I can to make that possible.

Stay tuned

Please follow our journey here. I am posting on SteemIt and Reddit. I still have to figure out how to handle so many channels all at once.

Life is great and the adventures with BabyBoo have already begun.

Thank you for reading.

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