iAmVictorOh.my version 3.0

This is a new beginning for iAmVictorOh.my

Going places soon!

This is iAMVictorOh.my version 3.0. I am pretty much redesigning the whole blog.

I’m actively working on the different sections that is in this blog.

I’m also very aware that I have lots of work to do. I’ve neglected the small details in which I am judged as poor and incompetent. I’m sorry to myself.

It’s time to polish up my act and get some great stuff done.

I’ve been up the whole night writing, reading and learning. It’s just going to get more and more awesome as the days pass.

I won’t be disturbed from now till the wedding in September.

Maybe I can make a visit back to Penang when Eanster is visiting from the States. I have to make a trip to see them.

Other than that I guess it’s good old work and I.

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