Ulog 119 – 3 December 2019

Penguin Twelve and A Look At The Year of Penguin

It’s already the last month of the Penguin. Next year is Swan Year. Penguin was mostly about getting married. A few years ago, I had a plan to get married by 2019. I did get married this year. But the plan wasn’t as I thought it would go. Yet, I think the person I married is as good as it can get. I proposed in March, we got married on paper in May and our wedding ceremony was in September.

Year of the Penguin was Marriage Year.

I tried working with her. But somehow we don’t seem to be able to work as well as I hoped. So now, she and my mom are my bosses. I will be the employee. I think the accountability is good for me.

I continue to work in the WorQ co-working space. I’ve been here since October 2018. The co-working space is just a 10-minute walk from my place. That means I can come to the office any time I want.

This year, I signed up for the Common Ground co-working space where they have 15 locations for me to go to.

A few years ago, when I first found WorQ at TTDI, I was driving, moving a lot and that has been what kept me going. I finished up my Master of Communication by working mostly at WorQ TTDI. In the process, I learned that I work best when I am moving around to get work done.

Therefore, by signing up with Common Ground, I make sure that I am always on the go, moving around from place to place to work. This not only keeps me motivated, but also allows me to move to a new place every time I get bored with one.

I know by being able to move around, I can work so much better.

2020 is Almost Here

Next year is going to be a whole different year. I’m working towards building my career in a lot of areas. I’d rather not speak of it and let the results speak for itself. I feel more confident this way. I know that a lot of people see me as a failure. But I have no time to think of those people that look down and see me as what I am at the moment.

I am working on myself and I know that I will eventually leave this planet for something much bigger out there.

Blogging on WordPress

I have tried to blog a lot using the Partiko app so that I can get more points. That being 30 points for each blog post that I publish. But I find it very inconvenient to publish and get points like this. I would rather use it to upvote, re-steem, and comment on other’s posts on the app. I think that will be a better idea.

From now onwards, I am going to be blogging on WordPress and putting up my blog posts here and then reposting on my SteemIt.

This works a lot better.


I just broadcasted on Twitch 2 times before I stopped doing it. I was thinking about stopping the whole thing altogether.

I don’t think I am going to broadcast me doing work. When people start coming on my channel, I have to entertain them and speak non stop to get my channel really going.

It’s still a possibility that I am going to broadcast every day. But until I create a formula that will work, I will continue to experiment and see what I can do on Twitch to make things work.

Thank you for reading and God Bless.

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