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It’s been 3 years since I registered If I remember correctly, that’s the year when I went back to school for my Masters in Communications.

I have not been working as hard on this blog as I did when I started one in 2004. Back then, I blogged more than once every single day. It was like a lifestyle. I think I got quite a following. But when I dropped out, so did my followers and people that read my blog.

With v4.0, I am attempting a whole revamp once again. A part of this is going to appear on my SteemIt blog. I feel that all of us that blog should be given credit and receive support from each other for putting time to write and post on our blogs.

I am still trying to find for my tribe of people that would help each other in making life work out for ourselves.

Major Changes in My life


I am gearing towards making myself more proficient in programming and making apps. I have been trying to write my novel for the longest time. But I fall short because the thing is, this is not like music where you can write a lot of songs and get that one big hit. My idea was to write plenty of other novels and improving my one big idea. But I fall short of producing those other novels. I have 3 full length novels that I am trying to edit for publication and that might come before that angel love story I want to make happen.


I feel, I have more to contribute than just books.

I am not betting my entire life on my books. I am venturing into other forms of writing. That is programming. Or computer code writing.

That way, there is a possibility of creating a company that I can run with employees in it. I am a people person more than a writing person. I cannot live without interacting with people. I almost died when I locked myself in the room for a year or more writing and just seeing my computer.

I don’t have friends I see regularly. When I have no colleagues, it was hell. I felt so lonely,

The plan now is to get apps done and hopefully and soon, I will get a team running. But that means, being proficient in programming and that will take some time. Time that I have to make happen.

In the past, I have given myself just too little time to work. Now, I give myself more than enough time to work. That does wonders. Instead of giving myself less and less time, I give myself more and more time now. Stress dissolves, I focus better and I get work properly done without having hundreds of tasks piling up on my todo list. Right now, there are 4 tasks. In the past, I’d already have 100 of them on my list by now. That is bound for epic fail.

I think I just sidetracked so much.

This blog is going to be more of what I research, learn and do every day. I am starting a vlog here too and that is going to be… cool.

As I am now happily and not so happily married on some occasions when husband and wife have their arguments, there is a whole new adventure I have.

Together with BabyBoo, my wife, I think this blog is finally going somewhere.

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