Ulog 120 – 4 December 2019

BabyBoo and I got married just more than 2 months ago. September 21st was the day we tied the knot in church. We’ve already signed our papers in May 2019. A little bit further back, we got engaged in March.

BabyBoo is one of a kind. Even though she comes from a Malay and English school, she speaks Cantonese fluently and knows Mandarin that she learnt purely from TV. Though her mom and dad don’t talk to her siblings in Chinese, she seems to be able to speak like she does.

BabyBoo also has a great sense of humor. We talk and laugh most of the time. With her, I can be my funny self. There have been lots of people I have met through my almost 4 decades here on Earth, but I find a rare few who I can laugh and have fun together.

BabyBoo is also one of those girls that you know talks to you when she is close. That’s great because you know that she won’t simply talk to any guy and make him like her.

She may think that I am sociable and that I can connect with people well. But if you are to see my social calendar, I have virtually none. I don’t see anyone other than BabyBoo. So that means, she is now my best friend and my only companion that I have to cherish.

There have been hard times. Times when I just want to run and not come back. Times when she makes me feel bad at work and at home. But then, somehow and someway, we makeup and become best friends again. She apologizes and I apologize. That keeps our relationship alive and we just get to laugh and talk again.

Her memory of me usually does not seem too bright. She remembers none of my simple gestures or good things that I do for her. But she does remember all the bad things that I have done. That is easier to remember.

She says I don’t do certain things which I do on most days. Just for example, like holding hands. I have always held her hand every single day. One day, she told me I don’t hold her hand. I was totally shocked. I make sure that I hold her hand every time we leave home.

I try to forget about all the bad things. That she can change and that she can be more positive.

But I am preparing myself to live with this version of her and I just have to adapt.

Living together with another person is tough because I have to think about her first before myself now. I can’t simply do anything I like because I have to include her in the things I do in my life.

But I also learnt that I don’t have to include her in everything that I do. That’s just fine if I leave her out at the office or work. The thing is, if she was not with me, I’d be with my mom and that’s about it. My work has still not gotten to the stage where I can see all kinds of people. That day will come. But for now, it is just BabyBoo and mom that I see.

I have to run life like normal. Just that now, there is a life companion and so it is all good.

She is my first girlfriend, my wife now and my best friend that God has given to me.

I pray we will be always understanding and opened to listening and changing.

All will be well.

Thanks be to God.

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