Ulog 121 – 5 December 2019

Today was a really great day. We spent the night at WorQ, doing very little work and sleeping more. But then, good thing is that I got 6 hours of sleep there in the office. We are advised not to spend more than 3 nights at the co-working space to sleep. I guess we will STICK TO THE RULES. Thank you.

Common Ground Co-Working Space

Today was Common Ground’s Free Co-Working Space. So, BabyBoo got to follow me without the need to pay RM50 for a day pass. It is RM200 for a week pass.

BabyBoo loves the setting and how they have stairs for use like how it is at school. So far, after going to 2 Common Grounds, both have this stairs setting. WorQ TTDI has it but that is a very mini one.

Since Common Ground costs more than WorQ, they have better interior. But for the budget conscious, WorQ offers really great 24/7 access, even on Saturdays and Sundays. 24/7 access applies to Common Ground suite members only. So Hot Deskers like me only get to access the 15 co-working spaces in Malaysia from 9AM – 6PM on weekdays.

Business Plans Cut Short

When Jaye visited during the proposal, I heard his wife saying “all just plans”. I don’t know whether Jaye did tell her that I always plan and that’s it or not. Whether it applies to me doesn’t matter because it does.

I was planning a whole business plan written for operations, productions, finances and all. But I think I just need a minimum plan going to get me working.

I don’t have to court investors or any of that shit. So I just need to get me producing stuff and I should do just fine.

I’m already working on the production and the operations.

Anything else is just plain P&C.

Thank you for understanding.

Grab Subscription Plan

Sitting Grab

Uber has been bought up by Grab as their Uber operations ceased quite a few years ago. Cars are very scarce right now as many drivers have not gotten their license yet. A lot might not even want to be in the business since they enforced getting a PSV license and car checks to qualify as Grab drivers.

I am on a Subscription plan that I pay RM80 for RM190 worth of rides and food delivery.

I can only report on the 19th of December how much I have used and whether it is worth it. So stay tuned!

Cycling to Work

I am considering cycling to work. I saw Citta Mall having a bicycle parking spot. I will have to look into the other Common Ground places and see whether I can cycle to the rest. If that is possible, then I will be saving so much on train and car rides. I don’t even need to drive!

More to come…

BabyBoo With Me

I was very frustrated with myself today as I just didn’t have direction. So I asked BabyBoo for direction. She gave me the goal and I’m working towards the goal. Thanks BabyBoo!! Can’t do it without ya!

That’s all for this update! God bless!

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