uLog 6 January 2020 – BBB

We kicked off the new year really well. We got visitors over for New Year celebration, having Michelle over for New Year’s Eve dinner and Fun Min New Year’s day lunch. That’s the start of building relationships and being more social in the new year.

At first, we were thinking of going to St Thomas More and doing everything there in the parish. Our area is covered by the church, that puts us in the BEC here. We are hoping to join a choir too. I’ve already emailed the relevant people and they know that we exist.

This uLog may serve more as a work log because that’s what 2020 is all about. It is all about baking too.

Over the years, I have tried to write on Steemit, write a novel, stream on Twitch, drive Grab, work at co-working spaces, and set up an education center. But most of all plan, plan and plan some more. That is piling up the tasks on my todo list. Then find myself sleeping way too much.

2019 happened. I got married and now I am about to embark on a new journey.

Since I have tried working with BabyBoo, I know how she functions and how I can live my life around her lifestyle and way of life.

She loves to bake and so there is nothing else more to think about what my career will be like.

I’ve tried working with her on my projects. But there are lots of things she is not keen to work on. So the plan is to work with her on what she wants to do.

I have already got lots of ideas about how to do things. But they are still ideas and I do not wish to bore everyone with great ideas that may never work out.

Here are the mascot and our logo we worked on together today.

our rooster monkey alien mascot
Our in the works logo

BabyBoo was on fire finding for relevant pictures while I did some exercising with Asana Rebel and Just Dance. The swimming pool at my condo just reopened after 4 months under repair. So that is going to be a daily exercise routine that I will have with swimming in it.

Life is just wonderful.

I started work on the 1st of January and I’ve done as much as I can since. It’s already the 6th day of the month and I’m pooping all the time because everything seems fun, exciting and fresh.

Bye-bye lonely days.

I always wanted to write that novel. But that is far too lonely.

I’m now into baking.

Come what may.

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