6 March 2020 – uLog

It’s been a week since I got back to WorQ Subang and spending time here like I should have since I signed up in October 2018.

My applications for copywriter work has been turned down by 2 companies out of 5. I guess if I ever not get employed again, I just have to do what I am doing now. Work as a freelancing copywriter. Or better yet. Build a copywriting company of my own.

That’s revenge.

We are not going to be broadcasting on Twitch weekends. We are also going to do it on weekdays. I’m really excited about streaming again. I love streaming and just plain chatting all I want. Speak my mind, entertain people and hopefully gain some followers in the process.

Back when I was blogging every day, I never paid much attention to how many views I got or how many people were coming. That time, I had quite a good following.

Then came analytics and I checked it diligently. This was after a long hiatus and possibly people that followed my old blog never came back after not seeing anything new for a while.

I am building my audience from scratch once again.

This time I am posting on my official blog that eventually shows up on my SteemIt too.

Please do come say hi if you can on Twitch. I broadcast on http://www.twitch.tv/dre4mkid.

Just go on Twitch and search dre4mkid. You will find me.

We are going to test out our broadcast as we are setting up all the equipment all over again. I am hoping to finish games one by one. But also have one hour each day just driving just because I can.

Tonight, we are heading to the gym once again, getting some cooking done and catch Itaewon Class on NetFlix after midnight when it comes on.

Itaewon Class (Image Source: Asian Wiki)

We are following Sheroyi has he battles his nemesis with his little pub that he opened to beat Jangga Co, a Korean conglomerate that started out just like him. Jangga Co is owned by the dad of his classmate that killed his dad. The classmate was stopped by Sheroyi when he was bullying a kid and later got expelled from high school because of this incident. His first love works for Jangga now and Sheroyi’s little pub, DanBam is now open for business to take revenge and destroy Jangga and those who has wronged him in the past. The last episode when the Jangga CEO vowed to destroy Sheroyi, when he vows to do the same thing. We are at Episode 10.

New episodes are broadcasted every Friday and Saturday.

My wife, BabyBoo complained how boring it was while watching the 1st episode. She later became a fan after watching more.

So don’t expect to fall in love with it on the 1st episode. It is constantly ranked in the top 5 Netflix shows that is in Malaysia.

If you wanna tell us more about your comments about Itaewon class, please do so in the comments.

Pictures of the Day

Friday Dinner 6 March 2020 by Wifey
This is Wonda Coffee: Zero Max. Though it says it has less sugar, the taste was sweet still. Not like what I get from Starbucks latte that has zero sugar, though it says no sugar. Maybe artificial sugar then.

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