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30 October 2018 – Just Dance Life

My 30th of October post

October 15th 2018 Links to Stuff I Made Today

Links to Today’s Stuff October 15th 2018 Live Stream Part 1 SteemIt ULog – #4 

Daily Post 28 – Writing Camp One

All of us are in life, trying to make it as fun as exciting as we can possibly can. My …

Daily Post 27 – Bonjour France Part 4 Croissants

Lourdes, France is the place where many Catholic pilgrims visit to get healed. I was in need of healing. Every …

Daily Post 26 – Fate/Night Stay Unlimited Blade Works

I started watching this anime called Fate/Night Stay a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop ever since. It tells of …

Daily Post 25 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 3 Da Marco

  We arrived in Lourdes with a full load of passengers on the plane. By the time, we got to …

Daily Post 24 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 2

Boarding the plane to Paris from France, a man sat next to me. Before taking off, a boy changed seats …

Daily Post 23 – Bonjour France 2017/18 Part 1

Mom didn’t think twice or even ask me whether going to Lourdes, France was going to be our family trip …